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Our Service Commitment

Customer’s satisfaction is the value of the enterprise, meeting the needs of customers is an important part of our work. We take “honesty as the foundation, serve customers, face the world and seek development foreveras our purpose, constantly pursue the newer and better service, meet the needs of users, and achieve sustainable win-win situation.

I. Pre-sale Service

1. We introduce our products, specification to our customers.

2. Training can be provided to our company if necessary.

II. Service in Sale

1. Professional technical support.

2. Update process to customer

III. After-sales Service

1. When product quality problems occur, customer complaints are received, customer service feedback processing plan is given within 4 giờ.

2. The company is responsible for the maintenance and treatment of product quality problems arising during the normal warranty period. Our company can provide paid maintenance for quality problems beyond the warranty period.

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