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  • Armored patch cord 7.0mm 2 Cores LSZH for Outdoor CPRI

    Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
    Brand Name:SOGOO
    Certification:CE, RoHS
    Minimum Order Quantity:200 pcs
    Price:10~15 USD
    Packaging Details:10pcs in 1 Anti-static package, standard packing
    Delivery Time:7-10 working days
    Payment Terms:T/T; Paypal; Western Union
    Supply Ability:20000 pcs per week
    • Specifications

    Armored patch cord 7.0mm 2 Cores LSZH for Outdoor CPRI

    Armored patch cord 7.0mm 2 Cores LSZH for Outdoor CPRI is used for Fiber to the Antenna, and Duplex Base Station Far Transmission Fiber Optic Patch Cable is kind of Indoor/Outdoor patch cord, built on LSZH cables with 7.0mm or 4.8mm diameter, with water blocking aramid yarns and UV resistant black out jacket.
    1 1 - Armored patch cord 7.0mm 2 Cores LSZH for Outdoor CPRI
    2 - Armored patch cord 7.0mm 2 Cores LSZH for Outdoor CPRI

    DLC/PC- DLC/PC armored fiber patch cable assembly Multimode GYFJH 2B4(LSZH), 7.0mm 2 cores, outdoor protected branch With armored tube.

    Product Name:DLC/DLC GYFJH 7.0mm 2 Cores LSZH G657A2 Armoured Branch Outdoor Fiber Patch CordKey Word:Armoured Branch Outdoor Fiber Patch Cord
    Connector:DLC/PC DLC/PCInsertion Loss:<=0.3 DB
    Wire Diameter:7.0 MmBranch Cable:2 Cores 0.03m/0.34m Armoured
    Cable Mode:Multi-mode / Single ModeCable Type:GYFJH 7.0mm 2 Cores LSZH G657A2


    Benefits of armored fiber optic patch cable:

    Relative to Coax-Fed AntennasRelative to Homerun Architecture
    (Separate cables from each remote radio to the base station.)
    • Fiber-fed remote radios (RRs) offer significant power savings (as little as 50% of the power for the same coverage area.)
    • Reduce wind and weight load on towers; avoid costly tower upgrades.
    • Reduce installation cost through fewer cables sheaths (70% less) compared to coax.
    • Reduce installation time and cost through fewer cable sheaths.
    • Fast and easy connection and upgrade via tower-top terminal.
    • Pre-provision for future equipment additions (spare ports).
    • Field-proven technology successfully deployed in FTTH; standards-driven reliability


    FEATURES of armoured patch cord

    • Open bulkhead for easy access to SFP
    • Positive mechanical feedback to operator when fully mated
    • One-hand mating
    • Duplex LC interface
    • Bulkhead cutout allows for removal of transceiver through the bulkhead (no need to open PRH for transceiver replacement)
    • Robust bayonet locking for easy, fast, and secure mating
    • Multimode and single mode
    • Water proof, dust proof and corrosion resistant
    • Expansion to RJ45 and Power possible
    • Plug has tolerance free design, fully free floating on Z-axis
    • No Cable buckling during or after installatoin
    • Cost effective metal die cast bulkhead
    • Field installable version available


    Fiber Specification of armoured fiber patch cord


    Fiber type
    Core Diameter
    50 + 2.5
    Core Non-Circularity
    <=5.0 %
    Cladding Diameter
    Cladding Non-Circularity
    <=1.0 %
    Coating Diameter
    Coating-Cladding Concentricity Error
    Coating Non-Circularity


    Connecton Specification
    Connector type
    Insertion Loss
    Return Loss
    Fiber mode
    Multi-mode,50/125,single mode,9/125
    Operating wavelength
    850nm, 1300nm,1310,1550nm
    Test wavelength
    850nm, 1300nm
    Fiber Length
    1m, 2m….. any length optional.
    Length and tolerance
    Operating Temperature
    -40C ~ +85C
    Storage Temperature
    -40C ~ +85C

    Standard Duplex LC connector, well connected with standard LC adaptor
    Available Single mode and Multimode
    IP67 protection, salt-mist proof, humidity proof, dust proof
    Low insertion/return loss, steady optical transmitting.
    Light weight, waterproof, dustproof, moisture proof, Metal hard housing.

    Usage of armoured fibre patch leads

    Widely used in FTTA & FTTH
    Used for 3G 4G base station

    RRU Power cable For Huawei/ZTE

    RRU Power Cable 54 - Armored patch cord 7.0mm 2 Cores LSZH for Outdoor CPRI

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