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CPRI fiberkabel

» CPRI fiberkabel

  • CPRI Cable In Telecom DLC/PC MM SM Armored Branch For Huawei ZTE

    Härstamning:Guangdong, Kina
    Varumärke:KOM IGEN
    Certifiering:CE, RoHS
    Minimum antal:100 st
    Pris:10~15 USD
    förpackningsdetaljer:Standard packing
    Leveranstid:7-10 arbetsdagar
    Betalningsvillkor:T/T; Paypal; Western Union
    Försörjningsförmåga:2000st per vecka
    • Specifikationer

    CPRI Cable In Telecom DLC/PC MM SM Armored Branch For Huawei ZTE

    CPRI cable in telecom is standard size for Duplex LC Connectors, and with metal protective device. The connecting is safe and reliable. This CPRI widely used in FTTA, Base station.

    What is CPRI?

    The Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) standard defines an interface between Radio Equipment Control and Radio Equipment.Oftentimes, CPRI links are used to carry data between cell sites and base stations.

    The purpose of CPRI is to allow replacement of a copper or coax cable connection between a radio transceiver and a base station , so the connection can be made to a remote and more convenient location. This connection can be a fiber to an installation where multiple remote base stations may be served. This fiber supports multi mode communication and doesn’t support single mode communication. The fiber end is connected with the transceiver device called Small form-factor pluggable transceiver.

    The companies working to define the specification include Ericsson , Huawei , NEC and Nokia.

    CPRI cable Advantage

    •  The CPRI cable are used for outdoor RRU transmitting optical signal and remote fiber feeder etc;
    •  Standard Duplex LC connector, well connected with standard LC adaptor.
    • Available Single mode and Multimode.
    •  Low insertion/return loss, steady optical transmitting.
    •  Light weight, waterproof, dustproof, moisture proof, Metal hard housing.
    •  500cycles Mechanical life.

    CPRI cable Applications

    For the application of it you can refer to the below picture.

    1 1 - CPRI Cable In Telecom DLC/PC MM SM Armored Branch For Huawei ZTE

    CPRI cable in telecom


    GYFJH Cable Structure:

    2 - CPRI Cable In Telecom DLC/PC MM SM Armored Branch For Huawei ZTE








    The CPRI cable in telecom, which with Parts with Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-2 Core (LSZH). Mainly used in wireless base station horizontal and vertical cabling.


    •  Good mechanical and environmental characteristics;
    • Flame retardant characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards;
    • The mechanical characteristics of jacket meet the requirements of relevant standards;
    • Soft, flexible, water blocked, UV resistant, easy to lay and splice, and with big capacity data transmission;
    • Meet various requirements of market and clients

    Fiber Optic Cable Parameters

    Antal fibrerCable Dimension


    Cable Weight






    Min. Böj radie


    Range of Temperature


    Note: 1. All the values in the table, which are for reference only, are subject to change without notice;

    2. The cable dimension and weight are subject to the simplex cable of 2.0 outer diameter;

    3. D is outer diameter of the round cable;

     Other CPRI cable in telecom

    14130650 Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-200M-2 Cores(LSZH)Outdoor Protected Branch Cable.
    14130648 Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-100M-2 Cores-GYFJH 2B1.3(LSZH)Outdoor Protected Branch Cable.
    14130647 Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-70M-2 Cores-0.03m/0.34m-GYFJH(LSZH)Outdoor Protected Branch Cable.
    14130645 Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-50M-2 Cores-0.03m/0.34-GYFJH(LSZH)Outdoor Protected Branch Cable.
    14130644 Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-40M-2 Cores-0.03m/0.34m-GYFJH (LSZH)Outdoor Protected Branch Cable.
    14130640 Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-30M-2 Cores-0.03m/0.03m-GYFJH (LSZH)Outdoor Protected Branch Cable.
    14130643 Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-30M-2 Core (LSZH)Outdoor Protected Branch Cable.
    14130888 Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-20M PFCLDJS-RT7LJ20-(LSZH)Outdoor Protected Branch Cable.
    14130641 Armored Branch-DLC-DLC-Single-mode-10m-7.0mm-2 Cores-0.03m/0.34m,2mm-(LSZH)Outdoor Protected Branch Cable.


    Outdoor fiber cable for Nokia

    3 - CPRI Cable In Telecom DLC/PC MM SM Armored Branch For Huawei ZTE

    Outdoor fiber cable for Ericsson

    IMG 0954 e1661335874611 - CPRI Cable In Telecom DLC/PC MM SM Armored Branch For Huawei ZTE

    RRU Power cable For Huawei/ZTE

    RRU Power Cable 54 - CPRI Cable In Telecom DLC/PC MM SM Armored Branch For Huawei ZTE

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