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Order: 7/8 ” Framework Grounding Kit, by sea

December 24, 2018

6570 pcs 7/8 ” Framework Grounding Kit, ship by sea.


7/8 ” Framework type grounding kit, which is also called self-adhesive type, because two mastic are stuck inside the framework. Mount the framework on the out conductor, then tighten the bolt, the inside mastic has sealing feature without additional tape required.


No.Piece PartsSizeMaterials
1Grounding Strap7/8″Rubber,SUS304
2Water-seal Masticφ5butyl rubber
3Braided TapeCopper, Tin-plated
4O-ring WasherM6Black Rubber
5Serrated WasherM6SUS304
6Inner Hex BoltM6*25SUS304
7Cable LugM6Copper, Tin-plated
8Heat Shrinkable Tubeφ9*30Polyolefin
9Grounding Cable16mm²Copper(Conductor)
PVC (Jacket)
10Cable lugM8Copper, Tin-plated
11Outer Hex NutM8SUS304
12Spring WasherM8SUS304
13Plain WasherM8SUS304
14Outer Hex BoltM8*25SUS304

cable Grounding kit 2 - Order: 7/8 "  Framework Grounding Kit, by sea

cable Grounding kit - Order: 7/8 "  Framework Grounding Kit, by sea

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