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Univeral lightningproof Earthing Clip For Power Cable used for Antenna

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:SOGOO
Certification:CE, RoHS
Minimum Order Quantity:100pcs
Packaging Details:PVC bag+ carton
Delivery Time:5-10 working days
Payment Terms:T/T; Paypal; Western Union
Supply Ability:200000 pcs per week


  • Specifications

Univeral lightningproof Earthing Clip, it used  for power cable, cable length can be customized, 0.5~1.5m is ok.

Univeral lightningproof Earthing Clip can be used for all coaxial cable. It consist of a long thick copper strap. You can cut it according to the coaxial cable you will used for.

Univeral lightningproof Earthing Clip is suitable for the grounding of the antenna feed system. The grounding devices are located in the center of the tower closest to the antenna, in front of the cable bend at the bottom of the tower, and on the shield of the equipment. The grounding devices should be installed in the middle of the tower when the tower is higher. After installing the feeder grounding card, the antenna feeder system and the communication room of the computer room can be protected from lightning damage.

The self-protective grounding bar can defend against lightning attack up to 125KVA. Its high-quality copper structure parts can be damp-proof and moisture-absorbing. It can also be equipped with adhesive tape components. No additional tools are needed for installation, and the installation time is shortened on the basis of convenience.

Univeral lightningproof Earthing Clip

· The grounding kit is designed the copper braided strap over the outer conductor to provide reliable lightning protection
· Universal grounding kit suitable for various cable sizes
· The pre-formed braided strap allows for easy installation
· Contact resistance < 4mOhm
· Current handing > 50KA
· Weatherproofing IP67
· UV and corrosion resistant

More lightningproof Earthing Clip

Clip-on Grounding Kit

Clip-on grounding kit are an advanced type for coaxial cable grounding, providing an easy installation as well as dependable protection of coaxial cable system. The designed clip design and pre-formed strap allow the clip-on ground kits to be easily slipped over the coaxial cable’s outer conductor.
The latch was optimized to provide a secure fix maximizing performance by ensuring proper contact surface area and pressure.

Framework Grounding Kit

Framework type grounding kit is compact design for outdoor coaxial cable’s (corrugated or braid) grounding. With Tinned copper strip & butyl seal, framework type grounding kit offers Quick installation, good waterproofing & cost efficiency.

Universal Grounding Kit

  Universal Grounding Kit design is according to Commscope (Andrew) GK-SUNV. It’s small and light, can be used for coaxial cable under 0.6 in.

Bolt-on Grounding Kit

Bolt-on Grounding Kits are used for 3/8″ in corrugated & braided coaxial cable. It requires wrench when installing. That makes it perfect contact area. Moreover, we can make it for different cable.


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