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  • 2x6mm2 (2x10AWG) TFL492324 RRU Power Cable For Ericsson

    Product No.SizeColor InsulationColor SheathThicknessDiameter
    TFL 4923222x2.5mm2Black, greyGrey0.67.3x7
    TFL 4923232x4mm2Black, greyGrey0.78.4x8.4
    TFL 4923242x6mm2Black, greyBlack, UV-stabilized0.79.5x9.5
    TFL 492324/02x6mm2Black, greyBlack, UV-stabilized0.79.5x9.5
    TFL 492325/02x10mm2Black, greyBlack, UV-stabilized0.711.5x10.5
    TFL492326/02x16mm2Black, greyBlack, UV-stabilized0.713x6x11.8

    • Specifications

    2x6mm2 (2x10AWG) TFL492324 RRU Power Cable For Ericsson

    TFL492324 RRU Power Cable for power supply in Ericsson telecom equipment where there are demands for halogen free insulation and sheath. Intended for indoor use. TFL492324/0, TFL492325/0 and TFL492326/0 has a UV-stabilized sheath and can be used outdoor as well.


    TFL492322, TFL492324,  TFL492324/0,  TFL492325/0,  TFL492326/0

    2×2.5mm2 2x4mm2 2x6mm2 2x10mm2 2x16mm2

    2x14AWG 2X12AWG 2X10AWG 2X8AWG 2X6AWG


    TFL492325 RRU power Cable 4 - 2x6mm2 (2x10AWG) TFL492324 RRU Power Cable For Ericsson

    Note: 1. the insulation colors are black, grey or grey, blue normally.

    2. The sheath color can be grey for indoor use and black for outdoor use.

    The cables are used for power supply of telecom equipment, where there are requirements for flame retardant, low smole and halogen free performance. Grey outer-sheath(without “/0” in the code) for indoor use. Black outer-sheath (with “/0” in the code) is sunlight resistant, UV stabilized, for outdoor use. Operating temperature Max. 90 ℃,dry


    Fire resistance
    IEC 60332-3 cat C
    UL 1685, Vertical tray

    UL2731, Telecommunication Central Office Power, Battery, and Distribution Cables
    UL listed No: E471801
    IEC60228, Conductors of insulated

    By drums. 500m/drum normally or according to client’s requirement. Technical data

    Technical data

    Product No.SizeColor InsulationColor SheathThicknessDiameter 
    TFL4923222×2.5mm2Black, greyGrey0.67.3×7
    TFL4923232x4mm2Black, greyGrey0.78.4×8.4
    TFL4923242x6mm2Black, greyBlack, UV-stabilized0.79.5×9.5
    TFL492324/02x6mm2Black, greyBlack, UV-stabilized0.79.5×9.5
    TFL492325/02x10mm2Black, greyBlack, UV-stabilized0.711.5×10.5
    TFL492326/02x16mm2Black, greyBlack, UV-stabilized0.713x6x11.8


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